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      Defending Mother Theresa

December 31st, 2008
  The last day of the year is a fitting spot for remarks regarding the direction of our country and the law.  Barack Obama has condemned the appointment of Roland Buriss as senator. This is a sad moment.  Our newly elected President who we all hope will stop the goosestepping march on our civil liberties has ignored one of the primary tenets in American Jurisprudence.  One, even the Governor, is presumed innocent until proven guilty.   This firestorm of blame and calling for pivotal action is the very mortar upon which the presumption of innocence is built.  To borrow from a popular sci fi series - the Vulcans of the show Star Trek are exceedingly logical to overcome their exceeding emotional nature. So too are we humans. Who and how the founding father were able to overcome this and act with such rationale thought is truly a feat of wonder.

  Nonetheless we hiss and hurl heated opinion at the mere arrest of Governor Blagojevich. Like the Salem witch trials, one was a witch at the accusation and not at the conclusion of any trial. The goveernor is judged guilty without indictment or rather the talk of an indictment as Governor Blagojevich has not been formally indicted by United States Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald even at this late date.

  To come to the aid of the weak and feeble or the virtuous and popular takes no true showing of character. To stand up for those perceived as evil or the unpopular - this takes courage and character.  Barack Obama could have and should have merely stated that the allegations are disappointing and that he would offer more after a formal proceeding had taken place.